100% natural, carefully selected raw materials, scrupulous production and our desire to pamper our guests with only the best products. Experience the power of nature in its purest form with our new RossoNero treatments. Let yourselves be pampered and feel the pure energy of nature flow through you.


Peeling - with bilberry and elderberry 21,00 €
This special peeling, gentle yet intense, has been prepared and created for greasy, impure and thickened skin. It purifies and deep cleans the face and neck, getting rid of impurities and excess sebum, and bestows a new softness and luminosity on the skin. 
Regenerating Cream 35,00 €
This rich day & night cream pampers the skin with prized natural oils. Rose hip oil regenerates and stimulates the production of collagen in the skin; Jojoba oil hydrates and protects the skin from external agents.
Hydrating Cream 29,00 €
This particularly hydrating beauty product revitalizes the skin granting it a fresh and uniform tone. Select natural oils, such as rose hip and almond oils, have an intense, beneficial effect and leave behind a pleasant sensation on the skin.
Rose Hip Oil 26,00 €
An oil with a regenerative effect on skin for a beauty that‘s ageless. Rose Hip Oil favours the ability of the skin to retain moisture and regulates the function of subcutaneous glands. A face oil ideal for dry, mature or sensitive skin.
Purifying mask - with eldelberry 24,00 €
This is a purifying mask rich in extracts of eldelberry, hay and eggs, perfect for the treatment of greasy, impure skin, or skin affected by acne, thanks to the purifying properties, astringent and sebum-balancing action of its components.In addition to reducing the production of sebum, it also has an inflammatory and anti-bacterial action.
Antiaging regenerating mask - with black whortleberry 24,00 €
This regenerating mask feeds the skin and gives it new vitality.Thanks to the extracts of whortleberry, karité butter, olive and vitamin E, it has an anti-ageing, repairing and smoothing effect and carries out a revitalising, moisturising and repairing action that restores radiance, elasticity and tone to the skin.
Soothing mask - with red whortleberry 24,00 €
This treatment, specifically for sensitive skins (tired and lacklustre) or temporarily sensitive (due to reddening or sunburn) is a soothing and moisturising compress.It is very rich in extracts of red whortleberry and mahonia which, with their nutritional and moisturising elements, protect the cutaneous barrier and maintain perfect hydration.The specific formulation of this mask reinforces the capillary vessels, alleviates reddening, possesses a smoothing action and leaves the skin balanced and smooth.
Lip Balm  6,00 €
This coconut oil, shea butter and rose hip oil formula takes care of sensitive and cracked lips, and protects from dehydration.

Hydrating Body Lotion 20,00 €
The refreshing mugo pine and orange aroma of the RossoNero body lotion reawakens the senses, and revitalizes and deeply nourishes the skin. Gently spread the body lotion on the skin after a shower or a bath. It is rapidly absorbed.
Hand Cream, Repair 17,00 €
A hand cream that daily pampers and takes care of your hands. Prized vegetable oils hydrate the skin and are rapidly absorbed. The cream heals rough and damaged skin, leaving it smooth and elastic once more.
Body&Hair Wash 11,50 €
The tonifying blend of the aromas of orange and mugo pine will give a new boost to your mornings. The creamy and light body wash with vegetable-derived surfactants gently cleans the skin without drying. High quality vegetable oils give extra protection to the skin.
Body peeling 19,00 €
This body peeling, based on finely ground apricot stones, gently removes the surface cutaneous layer and eliminates dead cells.The saponins from the horse chestnut profoundly purify the pores of the skin and the dwarf pine has an invigorating effect.