Caravan Park Sexten takes you on an exciting adventure.

In the idyllic nature of Padola, DOLOMITI HORSES RIDING awaits you with a paradise dedicated to lovers of horse riding.
At your disposal are the Haflinger, Lipizzane, Arabian, and Pony horses, lovingly cared by Alice and her team of experts, with the possession of the national certificate in horse riding.
Unforgettable adventures on horseback for those who want to approach these noble creatures for the first time, for those who want to spend a few hours in the saddle in the middle of nature and for those who prefer a trekking.  For the little ones are dedicated the cute ponies to learn how to ride while having fun.

Guided tours on horses for adults and children, beginners and experts..

Walks for children with ponies:
• 1 hour : € 30.00
• 1/2 hour: € 20.00

Beginners' excursion with Haflinger:
• 1 hour : € 30.00

Excursions for advanced and experts with the Arabian and Lipizzan horses:
• 1 hour : € 30.00

* indicated prices a per person

For those who know how to ride well we suggest the Trekking-tour from Padola to Lake St. Anna, with the possibility to taste the delicious local cuisine.
• start in the morning with return in the afternoon : € 150.00

Minors € 5.00
Adults € 10.00
* the insurance is valid for one year

Tel:+39 0474 710 444