From now on all Drei Zinnen summer tickets (lift tickets, 3 Zinnen Mountain Card & Funbob) can be purchased online.

The system is very simple:
The ticket or tickets purchased will be sent to the customer via e-mail and can, with the exception of the 3 Zinnen Mountain Card, be used directly as a ticket, i.e. the turnstile can be activated with the QR code indicated on the ticket. Vouchers for the different versions of the 3 Zinnen Mountain Card must be redeemed at the ticket counters or Ticket-Boxes.

The online purchase is particularly advantageous for Funbob tickets. Starting this summer, there will be two queues for Funbob departures: the queue exclusively for tickets purchased online and the queue for tickets purchased at the ticket counters. Since we assume that most tickets will still be purchased at the ticket offices, the waiting time for the online queue will be shorter.

Here is the link to our online shop