During your wellbeing holiday at Sesto, you’ll realise that at once. At our place, there’s something for all tastes, and you’ll discover: the larch wood of the Finnish Sauna, the royal salt cave, the new bio-sauna with breathtaking views of the Meridiana of Sesto, the Whirlpool and the new natural sauna located outside. Our Sauna World, always up-to-date and innovative, offers everything you could wish for, even for the most demanding guests. In the relaxation area, you’ll forget the stress of daily life, stretched out comfortably on beds of quartz sand and treated to a view of the breathtaking panorama and pampered by magical sounds!

Private SPA
upon reservation

The benefits of buoyancy or sensory deprivation are manifold. Despite not claiming to replace medical therapy, flotation is an excellent aid for biophysical rebalancing, stress reduction, to combat back pain, low back pain, neck and joint pain with an immediate effect on pain acute, chronic and on headaches, as well as an immediate reduction of muscle tension. In addition, it helps regulate heart rate and blood pressure.
30 minutes | € 10* per person

Infrared sauna
Infrared rays are low frequency electromagnetic waves capable of transmitting heat and, thanks to this characteristic, they are increasingly used also for therapeutic purposes. It translates into both analgesic and relaxing effects on the muscles; moreover, the consequent dilation facilitates blood circulation and allows a more rapid and effective removal of the waste substances produced by the body's chemical processes, and at the same time promotes a wider flow of nutrients and oxygen along the tissues, stimulating the reparative processes of the body.
30 minutes | € 10* per person

You will have the opportunity to choose from various types of peeling based on salt or sugar with numerous fragrances and to use them in a dedicated steam bath. Here, you will apply the products on the whole body feeling the thrill of intense balsamic or fruity fragrances.
30 minutes | € 10* per person

Exclusive parcours in the Private SPA

Detox parcour
The correct application of a special detoxifying peeling and the tasting of a themed wellness elixir give you the necessary vitality and the energy lost due to daily stress. In this way it is possible to minimize its negative impact; at the end, you will be able to appreciate a velvety and better skin with a new and reinforced spirit.
90 minutes | € 19 * per person

Activating parcour
It invigorates and refreshes the body and spirit. The body is purified of toxins and substances that cause inflammation. In addition, it restores a proper balance based on the desired hydration. After an intense sporting activity, a pleasant walk along the hiking trails in the Dolomites, your body and mind benefit from the pleasant refreshing effect of our perfumed products. The wellness elixir and relaxation complete the effect.
90 minutes | € 19 * per person

Sundial parcour
If you feel exhausted and unmotivated in body and mind, then this parcour is the right solution for you. Your curiosity and interest will be immediately awakened. The simple mountain scents and the nature that surrounds us stimulate the nervous system and the tissues, which will appear toned again, thus obtaining a magnificent feeling of well-being for the whole organism. You will feel like reborn, full of new energies and ready to face the many challenges of daily life.
90 minutes | € 19 * per person

*Only Bookable in conjunction with a saunas and swimming pool entrance. The price does not include entrance to saunas and swimming pools.

Treatments for couples
upon reservation

Hay bath
Since ancient times, mountain farmers have always believed in the soothing and regenerating effect of mountain hay. The numerous active ingredients of the herbs and flowers of the mountain pastures strengthen the immune system, stimulate blood circulation and have a positive natural effect to combat rheumatism, insomnia and physical and mental fatigue.
50 minutes | € 70* for 2 people

Just we two - chocolate
The treatment begins in the Roman steam bath reserved exclusively for two people. The steam opens the pores of the skin, on which you and your partner apply a honey mask for the face and a chocolate peeling with a seductive perfume for the body. The mask and the compress have a toning and nourishing effect. Then, relax together in the cozy comfort area while enjoying an appetizing snack. At the end of the tour you can try the delicate aromas and properties of the Meridiana line products.
80 minutes | € 60* for 2 people

*The price does not include saunas and swimming pool entrance.