In all directions, with every degree of difficulty, in a constantly changing landscape.

As a partner company of mountainbiker Roland Stauder’s Stoneman Bike Academy we look forward to introducing you to this fascinating sport. Expertly guided biking tours with relaxing stops in rustic alpine huts promise sporting highs in Sesto.

We particularly recommend the Stoneman Trail tour: The former MBT professional Roland Stauder marked out this over 120 km long trail with “Stanemandlan” (cairns). The motto of this tour covering 4.560 meters of altitude differential is “realise your dream”. This tour can be cycled in several stages. The guided Giro Bike Tour covers a lower altitude differential (3.500 m) some of it by cable car, and stretches over 46 km across 4 mountains with stunning views. This tour offers fascinating views of the peaks of the Dolomites.