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Important information about Covid-19

Our daily lives have changed, it’s true. But we all still long to travel and for a change of scenery.

Having implemented our own independent security measures, we in South Tyrol are striving to offer a safe holiday experience. We’ve created more personal space for everyone, so that you’ll feel even more comfortable on your next stay. As carefree as possible. As safe as necessary!

Personal Space: arrow
You’ll find enough space within our vast natural landscape to take a deep breath and enjoy your newly gained freedom. Recharge your batteries inside the shelter of our tranquil valleys, expansive high-alpine pastures and rugged forests.
Our lodging facilities also guarantee the space you need. Reception is available anytime and may be contacted directly from the room.

Carefree Dining:  arrow
For families and those sharing the same room, wearing a mask at the table is not required. Maintenance of safe distancing at meals – 1.5 meters between tables or one meter from chair-back to chair-back – is guaranteed, though. Our service staff is equipped with the appropriate safety equipment.

Flexibility – Down to the Smallest Detail:  arrow
In order to allow for the greatest flexibility possible during your stay, we offer you the option of checking in and out on your own. You keep your room key with you for the entire stay. Contactless payment is recommended.

Safety for All:  arrow
In order to ensure a carefree holiday, we provide plenty of means for disinfection, all over the grounds. Mouth-and-nose protection and other safety equipment is also available.

A Well-Informed Holiday:  arrow
Everyday life is gradually returning to normal in South Tyrol. We’re offering childcare again, as our cycling and hiking program is back. With smaller groups and necessary distancing, we can ensure recreational safety. The shops and museums in town have recently reopened – maintaining the necessary safety precautions, of course.

More Heart Than Ever: arrow
Everything has changed, but we’re still the same. Your satisfaction and a high level of quality remain our firm standards. Our staff is at your disposal anytime and will provide you with the best advice in every situation.

Do you want to find out more?  arrow
General regulations Caravan Park Sexten

It is mandatory: arrow
- Respect the instructions provided by our staff throughout your stay.
- Respect the signs, ground signs and the various precautionary communications arranged throughout the structure.
- Respect the distance of 1 meter, except for members of the same family.
- Wear a nose and mouth protector, preferably a surgical mask or similar, in the interior and exterior of the facility if the minimum distance of 1 meter between people cannot be observed, except for members of the same family,
- Cover your mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing.
- Hygienize your hands with disinfectants provided by the structure every time you enter a closed common area (reception, shop, restaurant, wellness centre, health facilities, etc.).
- Notify the reception desk by telephone, without showing up in person, of the possibility of fever exceeding 37.5° or symptoms of Covid-19 during the stay. It will be the responsibility of our staff to inform the competent authority. It will not be possible to leave the room/apartment or camper van and get in touch with people outside your own household until you receive information from our staff.

It is advisable:  arrow
- Always carry disposable gloves and hand sanitizer for personal use.
- Wash your hands often and/or sanitize them with disinfectants provided by the facility.
- Wash your hands before and after using the toilet.
- Wash your hands when you return to your room/apartment or camper van.
- Check in online before arriving at the property. The customer will receive a communication by e-mail before arrival in which you can enter your data to avoid queues and crowds at the reception.
- Prefer to charge the extra services to the account of the room/pitch in order to make a single payment at check out.

Reception regulations:  arrow
- In case of queues to enter, it is mandatory to wait in line, respecting the minimum distance of 1 meter, before being received.
- The key/magnetic card of the room/apartment must be kept for the entire stay and returned before departure at check out.
- It is obligatory to follow the obligatory route for entry and exit.

Camping regulations:  arrow
- In your pitch it is compulsory to wear a nose and mouth protection whenever it is not possible to maintain a minimum distance of two meters with people that do not belong to your family.
- You can access the rest area accompanied by our staff. If the operator is not present, it is compulsory to park your vehicle in compliance with the signs.

Restaurant regulations:  arrow
- It is mandatory to wait in line, respecting the minimum distance of 1 meter, before being accompanied to the table.
- It is mandatory to wear a nose and mouth protection when getting up from the table for any reason/need.
- It is mandatory to follow the obligatory route to the entrance and exit.

Wellness centre regulations / beauty / treatments / massages:  arrow
- It is mandatory to be subjected to temperature measurement before treatment.
- It is mandatory to wear the surgical mask before, during and after treatment, except for facial treatments.
- It is mandatory to wear disposable gloves during treatment, except for hand treatment.

Shop regulationsarrow
- It is mandatory to respect the quota entry.
- In case of queues to enter, it is mandatory to wait in line, respecting the minimum distance of 1 meter.
- It is mandatory to enter with a nose and mouth protection, preferably a surgical mask or similar, and wear disposable gloves.

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Caravan Park Sexten
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