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Dolomiti Unesco

Unique UNESCO excellence

The Seville Declaration

“The nine components of the Dolomites World Heritage Site protect a series of highly distinctive mountain landscapes that are of exceptional natural beauty. Their dramatic vertical and pale coloured peaks in a variety of distinctive sculptural forms is extraordinary in a global context. This property also contains an internationally important combination of earth science values.
The quantity and concentration of highly varied limestone formations is extraordinary in a global context, whilst the superbly exposed geology provides an insight into the recovery of marine life in the Triassic period, after the greatest extinction event recorded in the history of life on Earth. The sublime, monumental and colourful landscapes of the Dolomites have also long attracted hosts of travellers and a history of scientific and artistic interpretations of its values.”
(UNESCO, World Heritage Committee – Seville, 26 June 2009)

The Dolomites are not an interrupted mountain chain but rather nine mountainous systems each separated by valleys, rivers and other mountains. The 142,000 hectares that make up the UNESCO World Heritage Site form a sort of archipelago spread over a vast Alpine area and falling within the boundaries of five Italian provinces of considerable institutional and administrative diversity.
On 13 May 2010, the provincial and regional authorities charged with managing the Dolomites World Heritage Site made a commitment to UNESCO by setting up the Fondazione Dolomiti – Dolomiten – Dolomites – Dolomitis UNESCO. It was set up by five Italian provinces (Belluno, Bolzano, Pordenone, Trento, Udine) and two regions (Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto) working together to ensure the effective, coordinated management of the Dolomite property.


Dolomites without borders

Stop for a moment: here where today we can enjoy holidays in the mountains in total happiness, a century ago fierce and bloody battles were fought. World War I had transformed the contemplative world of mountain in one of the most difficult fronts with an unprecedented number of victims. The "Dolomites without Borders" project, supported by UNESCO, transforms what represented the front line in a place of peace and friendship. Thanks to this project Italy connects to Austria with an altitude track consisting of twelve via ferrata. Each of them is special, both from an alpine and historical point of view. This track extends along the areas of the Cadore, in the Sesto Dolomites, in the area of the Three Peaks to the Alta Via Carnica. "Dolomites without Borders" develops partly along old war paths, trenches and tunnels: a path of peace that it includes previous war paths and fantastic points of great mountaineering interest for climbing enthusiasts!

„It is by observing nature that feelings arise.“
Japanese saying
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