Once upon a time...

Campeggio 1969 (7)

In the 70's the municipality of Sesto was looking for a suitable land for the construction of a football field. The incredible story of the campsite starts right at this moment, when Josef Happacher gives up his best field in Sesto in exchange for a clearing in the swampy forest in Patzenfeld.
And so a modest campsite with a small washhouse opens its doors to the first tourists who planted here their tents. Five years later, arrived for the first time also winter guests

In the mid-80's Hans Happacher built the Berghof Patzenfeld, which is the heart and main house of the campsite.
In the 90's he bought the old abandoned farmhouses and centuries-old wooden panels, carefully and lovingly inserted them into the resort in order to preserve their heritage.
Hans Happacher has always devoted special attention to quality and the harmony between man and nature, tradition and modernity.

And the family history continues in 2017 with the third generation, when Andreas Happacher, grandson of the founder and son of the entrepreneur takes over the management of the campsite and turns it into the first glamping.
This harmony, this charm, this avant-garde have made this resort grow to become what it is today: